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Are You Leveraging Business Apps to Increase Your Revenue?

Are You Leveraging Business Apps to Increase Your Revenue?

Applications seem to be all the rage, and you’ve probably already used a few — even if they’re just games on your phone. Most businesses could benefit from well-designed apps, and if you’re not using them yet you should probably reconsider.

Faster and Simpler

Let’s say your mobile website is stellar: it loads quickly, the navigational tools are top-notch and it’s intuitive to use. Google looks to your configuration as a factor of where they place your business in popular search sites. Apps though can also help your search rankings, and make processes even faster to use anywhere. Apps can save people’s settings so they don’t have to re-key their information (which is always a bit of a pain.) The easier it is to use your online tools, the more opportunities you have to make money.


Give the People What They Want

Technology has been accepted to a variety of degrees by your customers, but most of them can at least tell you what sites they like and why. If you own a restaurant, can your customers order online? Can people sign up for notifications without getting frustrated halfway through? Ask questions and then listen to the answers. If they can’t even find simple information about your company without clicking through several promotion offers and pages, then you can lose business fast. Talk to your friends and family first, and have them test your device on across their devices and give you their lay person comments. Android, iPhones and Windows as well as browsers like Chrome and Firefox can all have slightly different settings and quirks.

Worth the Expense

You likely haven’t invested in this yet because of the money, or maybe the whole experience is just foreign to you. Good developers can be hard to find, and they don’t generally come cheap. However, you need to look at the amount of business you may be losing before you even have a chance to earn it.

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This post was written by Melody Gee, Content Director of http://www.onlinefaxes.com/.

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