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Using Research: Target Market Selection

GWC Valves International companys like any retailer especially those ofwhom sells and manufactures valves, thinking about market segmentation is crucial for their success. In order to be able to choose the right market segment, there is a lot of market research that needs to be collected. When it comes to the main bases of segmentation, […]

ValueMags on the Bhopal Disaster

ValueMags is a magazine marketing agency based out of Chicago, Illinois. Recently, the company has been receiving requests from readers through their new blog to seek magazines that focus more on the environment, health, politics, and real world issues. One of the historical events that happened in India that one of ValueMags’ readers is very […]

5 Reasons to Retain a Strategic Marketing Consultant

Have you recently hired a marketing consultant? Companies nowadays have opted to outsource their marketing needs to strategic marketing consulting firms. This doesn’t mean they don’t have a marketing expert. Of course, they do. However, partnering with a marketing firm can do wonders for the company’s effort to raise awareness for their products and services. […]

Can you Get a Loan While in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?    

Being bankrupt can be one of the biggest challenges one has to face. Without enough funds to pay your bills including your home, there’s a tendency to feel helpless and desperate. Lucky for those who still have a regular job to count on but to those who just lost their job and have no one […]