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Buying property in Whiefield Main Road

Buying property in Whiefield Main Road

This topic is not just confined to villa, ofcourse be it apartment, house or villa this topic broadly question how good buying the property in the main road. However taking decision to buy the property in the main road is always tempting. The matter of the fact is it is everyone’s dream to be near to the city. But have second thought there will be always be positive and negative aspects to take into consideration.

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In Bangalore, buying the house on the main road means you have to pay hefty price, that too in whitefield, home owners prefer to buy the main road as whitefield has a lot of traffic. Therefore in order to avoid long hours of commuting people prefer to choose the property in main road. Thats the reason the price for apartments and houses in main road is comparative high 20 to30 percent to the properties in the suburb areas.

The main road properties are accessible to all the places. You can easily drop your kids to schools, colleges and preschools. Most of the schools in whitefield are also on main road. And preschools won’t be in the remote places. When it comes to colleges, these institutions will be two hundred and three hundred meters near to the main road. Ofcourse also you can easily reach to restaurants, cinemas, cafes and malls around the main road.

Let us see about the negative aspects. One important thing is pollution. If you are prone to dust allergy then main road apartments are not at all viable. Those who are looking villas in whitefield, you wont get in main road. You should go inside the city or the sub areas but not specifically on the main road. Apart from the dust allergy, you should cope up with the noise.  Some one can take care of noise and dust pollution properties in main road is a good investment.



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