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Does Having A Criminal Record Affect Your Ability To Get A Loan?

Does Having A Criminal Record Affect Your Ability To Get A Loan?

Many people who have criminal records would admit that they made a mistake at one point in their lives. Some of them have turned their lives around after that mistake, while some continue in their wrong ways.

Having a criminal record can have a negative effect, especially for those trying to turn their life around, as there is some difficulty in getting a job. Most applications and job interviews will ask you about a criminal record. You have to be honest in answering, as a lie can be more troublesome for you. Employers typically run background checks on prospective employees, so they will find out if there were any prior criminal offenses you committed.

Aside from difficulty in getting a job, there is also difficulty in securing a loan if you have a criminal record.3

Regardless of the type of loan you wish to secure, most banks will frown upon people with prior criminal offenses. The problem is compounded when you have more crimes on your record – this will make securing a loan much more difficult. While other lenders might reject your application outright, there are some who will try to dig deeper by asking questions about you. Some of these questions include your criminal offense, credit rating and history, family ties, etc. If you are able to convince the lender that you can pay back the money they will loan to you, then they will most likely approve your loan application.

One way to get a better chance in securing a loan is to have your criminal records expunged. By doing so, you have a better chance of not only getting a loan, but getting a better deal – higher loan amount at lesser interest rate.

The process is a tedious one that can be tiresome if you try to do it on your own, which is why it is better if you hire a qualified professional in order to help you. For example, if your previous record consists of DUI convictions, then hiring DUI defense lawyers is the best option for you.

Expunging your criminal records means that your criminal history will no longer be viewable to the general public, including potential employers or lenders. Typically, expunging your records requires you to have served all sentences and probation requirements prior to applying for it.

It is highly recommended that you consult a lawyer prior to undergoing the process for expungement. The process can be a costly one, so any mistakes or lack of proper documentation can be even costlier. Aside from that, you might be wasting valuable time. Consulting with a lawyer can help you with any issues and requirements you might need in order to have a great chance at securing the expungement.

If one lender does not give you a loan due to the existence of your criminal record, you can also choose to look for a different lender that will consider your loan application regardless of our criminal record. There are a lot of lenders out there. Admittedly though, it would be to your best interest to have your record expunged in order to have an easier time getting a loan.

Everyone makes mistakes at some point in their lives, but those that get back up and live their lives normally are the ones that did not let their mistake dictate how they will live. If you are afraid or hesitant to get a loan because of your criminal record, do not be, because even if it is difficult to do so, it is not impossible.


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