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Epsilon Electronics on Cyber Security

Epsilon Electronics has started to branch out into other services and their latest one is cyber security. A few months back, the company was hacked by an engineering student who was simply curious about their digital security system and according to him it was quite weak. Since he confessed and wrote them an email about their weakness about the system, Epsilon Electronics decided to hire him as their lead cyber security officer. This decision did not sit well with the existing leader of cyber security and their external security provider. However, this individual was a genius when it came to hacking and searching backdoor entryways for digital systems. He never had any malicious intent except for curiosity; which led him to a job accompanied by a six-figure salary. The previous cyber security team left and the new guy decided to hire people he trusted and had the same level of knowledge as he did but he definitely screened every candidate and did thorough background checks.


After his team was assembled, he decided to create a foolproof system to help keep away threats. The system is modeled after artificial intelligence that is always changing its codes at random times and the only way to get into the system is by having the code displayed on special device that is given to all employees where they can keep it on their keychain. They realized the product was extremely useful and successful so they decided to sell this product other companies who needed cyber protection. Epsilon Electronics gave full authority to their cyber security leader to manage the production and distribution of the software. The costs were only for the physical production of CD’s and distribution. The software were developed on the time of the cyber security leader and was promised 30% of profits along with recognition. Epsilon Electronics is a company that approaches their employees as them being the most valued commodity and then with this work culture, anyone can grow rapidly without having any regrets staying for a company as long as they can.

Epsilon Electronics realized their cyber security software being sold to small and medium size businesses were quite popular and were demanding other forms of security for the businesses. Unlike most corporations, they listened and started to produce some products that can help out businesses at a very low price. Since the costs were extremely low for producing the software, they didn’t mind selling the products at a low price. This way, they knew they could control the market share within their nation, which became beneficial both ways.



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