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Guide to Etoro broker trading

Guide to Etoro broker trading

Etoro is a new, yet one of the faster growing firm in the trading industry. Etoro as per its claims aims to educate and prepare its clients for the stressful and difficult currency trading atmosphere. Etoro makes the various kinds of news flows, analysis, indicators and financial charts easy for the beginners by offering a user friendly and innovative online trading platform.

Features of Etoro broker:

  • Security

Etoro online trading company is registered with CFTC and is also a member of NFA. Other than its compliance with the law related requires on various rules and capital, etoro has incorporated use of SSL- secure socket layer technology for the use of data encryption. The policy of the firm clearly states that the financial history of a client, personal history and net worth is not shared with any institution and person.

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  • User friendly

The philosophy and aim of etoro broker online platform design is to engage everybody in the social trading system- extending towards the WYSIWYG interface that makes it simple to create a trading account and calling on trades through different possible systems. Clients can trade or simply explore the possibilities of different currencies to trade.

  • Huge social network

Etoro allows access to a market of three million users across the world that makes the possibility of good trade higher and allows the trade to become more engaging and fun.

  • Information sharing

Etoro has innovated with the possibility of sharing information directly to the forex trading accounts. Actions that are made in regard to the investment network will be immediately accounted into live streaming feeds that are visible to all etoro network system. It also provides different tools to make use of the trading information.

  • Alerts

Clients have access to alerts and opportunities with a Copy function. Any good trade can be copied by the members of etoro.



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