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Helpful Customer Services just a Call Away

Helpful Customer Services just a Call Away

Discount Bank came into being in the year 1935. The bank has been renowned to offer banking services in all the financial matters. The bank has been known to have approximately 135 branches along with professional customer services. The major activities of the bank have been given as under.

Credit Cards

The bank has been known to issue and market credit cards such as Visa, Master Card and Diners.

Managing Security Investment

The bank has been known to manage various security investment portfolios for corporate and private clients, non-profit institutions and organizations.

Non-Financial Investments

The bank would also assist in non-financial investments in undertaking capital funds.

Customer Services


The bank has been offering mortgages after the collaboration with Bank Discount Mortgage.

Trust Company

The bank has been offering services to trust companies as well.

Every bank across the world would gain recognition by the kind of customer services it offers to its clients. As a result, the Bank Hapoalim Customer Service has been one of its kinds. The bank has been working hard to improve its customer services for providing its clients with a better experience.

Discount Customer Service has been made available for its clients 24×7, 7 days a week. The service centre would gather updated information about your account, thus saving you precious time as a banker. You would be given the option of calling from anytime and anywhere. The customer service of the bank would be available for your assistance as and when you need.

Two main divisions

The bank has been operating in two major services. These divisions have been Corporate and Retail. The bank has been providing business services to a plethora of business customers. As a result, business banking services have been arranged in approximately 22 stores all over the nation. Every customer would be able to avail an appropriate bank response.



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