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House Insurance Perils and Policies

House Insurance Perils and Policies

The necessity of a viable house insurance these days is definitely unquestionable. Most of the people invest their life long money on building the perfect shelter for them. Thus they want to protect it against all catastrophes. Of all the types of insurances, house insurance is the most common and readily bought. It is always smarter to invest little money in your house insurance rather than to spend large amount of money in case of a fire, storm damage or flood. There are different types of house insurances covering different aspects. For example some insurance types also cover residence’s contents, loss of various personal earthly possessions of residents. They also cover liability insurance in case of any injury or accident that may occur within house’s premises/policy territory.

Most house insurance policies provide fraud identification tools, like burglar alarms which provides them with a confirmation in case of theft or burglary.

Building’s insurance protects all dead loads, i.e. permanent fixtures in your house, like doors, window frames, kitchen and bathroom fixtures and other miscellaneous items. In also includes outside features like sheds and garages. It is mostly preferred to have your house covered in case you are mortgaging your house. In case if the residence is not habitable for some time, insurers also pay for living expense under certain category of house insurance type.


In most cases, a single indivisible premium is paid against all risks related to one’s property. It covers house insurance as well as liability coverage. Insurance for home is always adjusted according to the cost of replacement of the house.

Major Policies of House Insurance:

There are different types of house insurances offered with varying coverage, most commonly used are stated below:


It is one of the earliest house insurance type. In case you own a house, it provides protection against first ten disasters (any kind), after which the services are terminated. In order to prevail more services, you have to renew your insurance. This type of house insurance gives you house protection against eleven perils including lightning, fire, hail, vandalism, aircraft damage, blast or explosion, commotion, earthquake, volcanic eruption, smoke or any mischief. It is a basic form of house insurance no longer available in many regions.


In this type of house insurance, protection is provided against sixteen perils. An advantage of this type is that is clearly states the list of all the things that are covered in an accident, unlike HO-1.


This is one of the most comprehensive house insurance type, which covers all risks that might be possible within your home. It includes certain major perils, like floods and earthquakes because in certain cases, the house is situated in a place likely to suffer from flooding or earthquake twice or thrice a year.


If you are renting your house to someone, this policy is mostly used. It includes property damage caused by the renter, excluding all the perils stated in HO-2 and HO-3 as they are natural disasters or unfortunate mishaps for which the renter is not responsible or answerable.



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