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How to Be a Stock Broker

How to Be a Stock Broker

A stock broker is usually a certified and trained person who is employed by either a brokerage dealer or brokerage firm. Their main job is to sell and buy stocks and securities to both institutions and retail clients. Stockbrokers can be known by many professional titles depending on their type of licensing, services or securities. To become an officially licensed stockbroker in the United States, you must pass the series 7 and either the series 66 or series 63. Before you get that far you first want to obtain at minimum a bachelor’s degree in business administration or finance.

Typically, to gain a good footing in the stock brokerage industry you want to take finance courses that will give you a solid ground and understanding of financial regulations and laws. Stock Broker Jobs generally have very strict requirements and there can be any number of equally or more qualified applicants submitting applications at the same time you are. This is one of the reasons why stock broker jobs are so elite and very hard to come by. To increase your chances of landing the job and having a rewarding career as a stock broker, you should pursue as much further education as possible and try to gain as much real word experience prior to applying to any jobs.2

Many times you may be able to find opportunities through firms such as a head hunter Chicago who performs financial recruiting but may also have resources for brokerage internships or other opportunities for you to gain some real world experience. Sometimes you may even be able to find an actual internship spot a head hunter Chicago to work with them directly in order to gain some experience in the field.

Being a stock broker can be a very fun yet challenging job. You want to make sure that you are able to handle all of the ups and downs related to this type of work. Being emotionally stable is also another good trait to possess when you are considering becoming a stock broker. It will help you maintain composure and professionalism as a lack of either could cost you your job.

When becoming a stock broker you should always remember a few simple things. Always have a positive attitude when you are approaching your education. Make sure you meet all the necessary requirements and certifications needed to land whatever position you are seeking. There are many resources available that can help you get on the right track to beginning a successful career as a stock broker. Learn as much as you can while in school and try to gain some real-world experience before applying to any positions.




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