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How to Plan Your Wedding with a Budget in Mind

How to Plan Your Wedding with a Budget in Mind

Weddings can be unbelievably expensive. As the years continue to pass, it’s clear that prices continue to sharply rise. In order to help you create the greatest moment of your life without breaking the bank, we’ve created this article to help you save some money during your wedding. After reading this post, you’ll have a handful of realistic ideas to chip away at your wedding cost and help you prepare a smart wedding budget. So sit back, grab yourself a cup of tea, and enjoy the read!

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Tip #1: Consider Shortening Your Wedding Planning Timeline

Most couples feel that they need to plan at least a year out for their wedding. Although this may be common practice, it actually adds way more money to your overall wedding bill than you’d normally expect. The more time you allow for preparation of your big day, the higher the chances are that you’ll get sucked into more expensive wedding ideas. Simply put, the shorter time frame you have to your wedding, the less you’ll get sucked into an expensive wedding.

Tip #2: Choose a Wedding Date That is at Off-Peak Times

Unbeknownst to most couples, choosing an off-peak wedding date can help save a considerable amount of change. In order to do this, ask wedding locations what they charge throughout the various months of the year. As the “wedding season” slows down, you’ll quickly realize that wedding destination locations often drop their prices down considerably.

Tip #3: Be Smart About the Food You Provide To Your Guests

Food is often times one of the more expensive expenses when it comes to weddings. In order to cut down the food costs, you may want to consider a few things:

  • Change Your Reception To The Daytime – Believe it or not, it’s generally cheaper to serve brunch or breakfast instead of serving a dinner.
  • Try a Combination Plate Style – Instead of creating a choice of entrees for your guests, you may want to think about offering a combination of foods. This could include shrimp with beef medallions or something of the similar fashion.
  • Avoid Sit-Down/Buffet Meals – This may sound a little extreme, but if you decide to avoid a sit down (or buffet) meal, you’ll notice that you’re saving some serious dollars.

Tip #4: Limit Your Favors and Decorations

Most people who have planned a wedding would agree that choosing your decorations and wedding favors is one of the most relaxing and entertaining parts of planning your wedding. However, it is also a source for tons of hidden costs, so you need to stay realistic. You can always find wedding sparklers for sale that will cost you next to nothing for your favors and white or pink cray paper rolls at the dollar store to hang from the ceiling. Trust me; you can do a lot with really cheap wedding favors and decoration supplies.



Above, you’ll find a few odd-ball ways to help you save money during your wedding. These ideas were included in this article in the hopes of helping you turn on your thinking cap and create unique ways to save money during your wedding.



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