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Keep off the Grass! – Shortcuts not to take in SEO

Keep off the Grass! – Shortcuts not to take in SEO

Any SEO Company worth it salt will still talk to you about link building, some don’t of course.  It reminds me of my lawn.  My friends think I’m nuts about my grass around my house, it’s a beautiful lush weed free well-manicured blue cooch.  It takes time and care to get that result.   I have over hundreds of websites ranked no1 in Google. Without a link building strategy you may never get your website to No1 – fact.  This is not something I recommend you do yourself.  It’s not that you cannot do it, it’s just that it’s very time consuming and outsourcing it is the logical choice.  Naturally I my company… but seriously, get a link building strategy in place.  Make sure who you are using are not buying links or doing other crazy things like that.  There are simple winning strategies with link building that should be getting you great success.  This particular aspect of SEO is getting some very bad press lately and the reason is simple, we are buying into the Google rhetoric.  Google makes the rules of the game, Google doesn’t want you to link build in any other way other than naturally, now ask yourself these questions.  What is a natural link and how often would you as a business owner create a link?  Do you have an answer in your mind yet?  When was the last time you posted on someone’s blog or listed your site on a directory?


Let me just spell it out for you, after Bob & Sue, our Health Retreat owners, finish a 13 hour day toiling away – running classes, paying bills, checking clients in and out, managing staff, finding a minute to eat, do you think they then post a few comments on some industry website and link it back to their website?  The answer is obvious right – never or rarely.

OK, now you know links are important don’t cut corners and outsource 5000 terrible links for you. With that strategy, more than likely you will end up with more penalties than you can jump over.  Just find someone or some agency that knows what they are doing, naturally means the right sort of links in the normal amount of time, by someone who understands SEO.



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