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Online reputation services have worked with other clients who had modular based devices but the client that caught their attention the most was a company called Lauwda. They are the first company to design a working modular headphone where everything is possible to customize with a few limitations. These headphones took four years in the making and it’s finally here. Best of all, it works and it works quite well for a new form of technology.

Lauwda believes that everyone listens to various kinds of music in multiple types of ways. Some people like headphones that are heavy on their head versus some who prefer it light. Then there are others who like wireless headphones while other would rather have the audio cable. None of these options are better or worse, it is only a matter of preference and why not a way to give multiple options for a piece of technology they use quite often.


ORM has seen the configuration of designing a headphone on the website and decided to do a video review to post on social media sites. The video review was to be done by a major tech reviewer and without any influence to get their honest opinion. The reviewer starts off, according to Online reputation services, by deciding what kind of head band she wanted to pick out. There were solid headbands to foldable ones. The next choices were the type of ear cups and where to have inputs for an audio cable; on either ear cups or just one of them. Then the ear cushions, there was a choice with sponge, foam or memory foam; along with the size.

Also for the ear cups, it could have been picked to be over-ear or on-ear which is quite fantastic. After that, there were some important features for having bluetooth technology for wireless connection and a control module on the exterior of any ear cup to navigate the bluetooth commands such as volume. The interesting aspect is having the choice of what kind of sound the person wants.


If they want a sound that focuses more on the highs, or some might want a headphone that would focus more on the lows with a punchy bass sound as well as a balanced option for people who have a wide range of music interests. This is truly a unique product and will require a lot of marketing material to get ahead of other major companies who can imitate this technology in days. Their quality will be worse but they can drive away potential customers for Lauwda due to their brand image.



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