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Removing Complaints from Google: Sourcing and Procurement

Removing Complaints from Google: Sourcing and Procurement

When it comes to a removing complains from Google team, knowing about sourcing and procurement is needed. Sourcing is the process of evaluating and hiring individual businesses to supply goods and services to your business. Procurement is the process of actually purchasing those goods and services. Many companies plan on going green in order to benefit future generations and the reason why some companies want to do so are wanting to achieve regulatory compliance, to fulfill the customer’s requirements, to improve the company’s image, to increase the customer’s confidence and to differentiate the firm from its competitors. In the future when the removing complaints company grows, the firm will definitely be involved in a social responsibly and environmental sustainability.


When it comes to the removing complaints from Google team they have the option of outsourcing and offshoring but instead the team works extra hard to keep everything in-house and not outsource any work. This way the quality of the work is what they expect and everything gets done the right way. They need the quality of the work to be effective and mastering techniques such as reverse SEO, SEO, link building, social building and crowdsourcing can only be more effective when it is done in-house. Everything gets done on time and efficiently, and no time is being wasted. A chart shows the percentage of supply chain functions offshored which includes manufacturing at 42%, warehousing and transportation at 37%, procurement at 34%, returns and customer service at 34%, the supply chain planning at 26% and the product development at 19%. Instead they should be focusing more of product development.

When it comes to outsourcing, companies can face a number of tradeoffs and sometimes the loss of control can occur when it comes to product quality and safety. Another aspect of outsourcing relates to the social responsibility and environmental sustainability companies exhibit in terms of how they manage their supply chains. When companies have grown and have the finance to do so, they are expected to contribute to society by taking on a social responsibility. Environmental sustainability id the idea that firms can engage in business practices that impact the environment less so that it can be sustained for future generations.

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