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Restaurant Owners: Manage Your Social Media Accounts Like a Boss!

Restaurant Owners: Manage Your Social Media Accounts Like a Boss!

With proper utilisation, social media can be one of the best ways to promote your restaurant. However, with so many social media sites available, and more sites being created, it can be difficult to properly manage all of your accounts. Here are three tips for using social media to successfully promote your brand and attract customers.

Create Site-Specific Strategies

Every social media site is slightly different, so you don’t want to use the same strategy for all of your accounts. The strategies that are created for your business should be specific to the site they will be used on. For instance, on sites like Facebook or Pinterest, you can use images of the food made in your restaurant as a promotional tool.

Social Media Accounts Like a Boss

Twitter can be used to interact with your customers, post links to content on your website and other social media accounts, or you can tweet your daily specials. In most cases, the same people will follow your Facebook and Twitter accounts, so you want to employ different strategies to attract their attention, because otherwise they can get bored and stop interacting with your brand.

Share Great Content

Whether it is for your website or your social media accounts, content is still king. Great content will help drive traffic to your website and to your door, so you want to make sure that you create or source great content for your social media accounts. Any original content created for your accounts needs to positively promote your brand and it needs to be fresh, so it has to be frequently updated.

Social Media Accounts Like a Boss1

You can also find or source other content for your social media accounts by following other businesses that post information your followers might enjoy, or you can have guest bloggers create content for you. One indication that content is great is that it is shareable, which means your followers will link to the content you’ve shared on their accounts. If you need to increase your cash flow to help pay for content creation, 365 Business Finance can help you do so – find out more here.

Manage Your Time

Just as it is when you’re cooking, time management is crucial for successful social media accounts. Not only is it important to update the content you share on your sites on a regular basis, but timing your posts – especially on sites like Twitter – can be the difference between success and failure. If you time your posts just right, you can use them to expand your business by drawing more customers through your door.

Social Media Accounts Like a Boss2

Schedule a time every week to go over your social media strategies, create or find content, and manage your posts for each account for your restaurant. Utilise online tools to manage your tweets and posts so they are sent out at certain times so you don’t have to constantly monitor your social media. By utilising these tips, you can successfully manage your social media accounts to grow your business.

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