Home Finance Thanisandra apartments are growing vertically.
Thanisandra apartments are growing vertically.

Thanisandra apartments are growing vertically.

There is a lot  of debate is going on about the real estate development on Bangalore. A major discussion is are we building too many apartments in Bangalore. Some reports says there is solid volume of unsold inventories in Bangalore. The question of the hour is if the above manor concern is really true then why Builders are building so many apartments.

Answer is simple. Builders believe the next 5 to 10 years India will grow phenomenally well. This means people do buy apartments in all parts of the Bangalore. Therefore same applies to thanisandra apartments.

There is a greater benefit in building apartments that is the latest architecture allows to create lofty buildings that reduces the cost and also won’t consume the space. With recent Advent of green technologies it is much safer to stay in apartments. Apartments are only answers for affordable housing solutions across pan India and thanisandra location is no exception. If apartments built wise we can solve the traffic issue and hygiene problems. More importantly we can solve the waste management issue. With respecting the rules and regulations set by government will help non resident Indians to invest more money. A lot of Bangalore problems will be solved. With the above improvements lot of investor have come forwarded . As the companies putting more money it is obvious the property rates in north Bangalore is shooting high. And therefore the development in thanisandra is high.


The buyers and investors are showing great interest and more importantly both are having immense confidence on the Builders. The urban development is more inclined to the vertical living. Yes vertical living is nothing but apartment living. It’s not just the quality of construction or the urban development even thanks to consumers who have shifted their thought process on living the life. That’s the reason why the thanisandra apartments are growing fast.



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