Home Finance The Bonus Advantage Of Trading On Tradorax – Detailed Review
The Bonus Advantage Of Trading On Tradorax – Detailed Review

The Bonus Advantage Of Trading On Tradorax – Detailed Review

Trading is a great way to boost your wealth without putting in a whole lot of effort. Success here depends on your analytical skills and the research you put in at the beginning of choosing the right platform and the right type of trading option for you. Binary trading options are a great fit for almost every type of trader whether you are just starting out or have been trading on different platform for quite a while. It is important to know your trading platform inside out to ensure that you are not losing out on any of the benefits that are your due when you start trading on the website.

Tradorax has definitely established itself as one of the prime binary trading websites in the market. The website offers great packages for different types of accounts and also offers a range of bonuses which can go up to almost 200% of the initial deposit money. This makes it quite a fruitful progression for first time trades as they can cover a huge part of their risk with the enormous bonus advantage.


Mini account

This account is available for both the website and mobile platforms. The personal broker will contact you once a week under this account’s privileges.

Silver Account

You get all the benefits awarded with the min account plus 2 % extra returns on every trade you make. You also get a personal broker contact twice a week.

Gold Account

This account is also available on both the mobile application and website. You can get a personal broker contact you three times a week. You also get 3% extra returns on your trade under this account.

VIP account

This account holds the maximum deposit chances and gets some of the highest bonus offers. You get your personal broker contacting you 4 times a week and get 4% extra returns on every trade that you make on the platform whether from the mobile app or the website.


The platform offers up to 200% bonus with almost 5 added free trade offers. Yu also get access to the bonus after having traded 30 times the initial deposit amount on the platform.



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