Home Finance The Conveyancing Process Explained – Tips to Make the Right Decision
The Conveyancing Process Explained – Tips to Make the Right Decision

The Conveyancing Process Explained – Tips to Make the Right Decision

Conveyancing is an important part of the home buying process. It is important to understand it thoroughly to avoid any inconvenience in future. Conveyancing is either performed by the solicitor or you could even perform it yourself.

Most of the potential buyers are quite scared to perform the task on their own. Hence, they prefer to hire a professional, who could instruct them. While choosing the professionals, do not finalize one, recommended by the estate agents. They tend to charge more rates as compared to others. Shop around to find the best and most reliable conveyancers online.

What is the role of these solicitors?

Once you have booked the appointment with the professional, they will draw up a draft including all the terms of engagement. Do not sign the contract with the professionals charging any hidden fees. They must have transparency during the procedure. The professional will then send a copy of contract to the seller’s solicitor to get their approval.

With the solicitor working on your behalf, you could be calm and relaxed. They will inspect all the supporting documents and raise the enquiries if any. The seller will ask you to thoroughly go through the forms the seller has completed. Later, you must inform the solicitor, if there are any concerns or queries.

The most common hidden factors to be aware of


There are several hidden factors about the property that you might not be aware of by simply viewing it with the agent. Hence, the professionals will conduct legal searches to make sure you are completely aware of all the details regarding the property. The mortgage lender will also ask you to conduct the searches to protect them from the liabilities.

They perform many other functions like checking the flood risk. This task could be performed at the time of land registry. If you have paid for the environmental research, you might not have to pay for the flood risk separately.

Now once you are aware of their features and service, it is great to search for best property solicitor online. There is wide range of options to choose from but you have to be really careful while making the choice.

The professional you have chosen must have sufficient level of expertise. Those who have more than 15 years of experience are preferred over the beginners. Besides this, you must check their reputation in the market.

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