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ValueMags on the Bhopal Disaster

ValueMags on the Bhopal Disaster

ValueMags is a magazine marketing agency based out of Chicago, Illinois. Recently, the company has been receiving requests from readers through their new blog to seek magazines that focus more on the environment, health, politics, and real world issues.

One of the historical events that happened in India that one of ValueMags’ readers is very interested in s the Bhopal disaster. On December 3rd, 1984 a pesticide plant at the Union Carbide India Limited (UCIL) in Bhopal, India leaked more than 40 tons of methyl isocyanate gas which is a form of liquid dynamite. Foreign companies were encouraged to invest in local industry when the Indian government began to initiate policies. Union Carbide Corporation (UCC) was asked to build a manufacturing plant for a pesticide that was most commonly used throughout Asia. It was decided to build the plant in Bhopal, India due to its central location and ease of transport for the infrastructure.

When the leakage occurred, the over-ruling toxic substance came in to counter with nearly 500,000 people living in shanty towns. Approximately 8,000 of these people were killed from the chemical and 20,000 were severely injured. ValueMags researchers say that the causes for what’s known to be the world’s worst industrial disaster has yet to be confirmed, however, it is believed to be because of a lack of maintenance which led to a backflow of water. Since the UCIL disaster, India has experienced a rapid growth in industrialization. Although some positive outcomes have come from this industrial disaster like, modifications in government policies and behavior, there are many threats that have arose due to the rapid growth in the industry as well as continuous consequences in the human health throughout the population of India.

Unfortunately, there is not more magazines about these historical events. Many of ValueMags’ readers find it important to educate the population through common forms of entertainments like magazines. They believe, along with ValueMags that magazines are a great way to educate the population so these disastrous events do not reproduce themselves in the future and we learn.



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