Home Loan When Your Family Needs a Car but You Have Bad Credit – What do you do?
When Your Family Needs a Car but You Have Bad Credit – What do you do?

When Your Family Needs a Car but You Have Bad Credit – What do you do?

If you apply for auto loan and can’t get one because of bad credit or no credit – what do you do? There are areas in Canada and the United States where you don’t have buses and you need either a car or a pickup to get from place to place.


If you have children, it is even worse as they need to get to school or doctor appointments. You need a car to go to get groceries or other supplies. Remember especially in Canada places you need to get to are miles apart.

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Car loan Canada

You go to car loans Canada to get help with a loan that banks or other lenders will not finance for you. Here are some of the other benefits you can find with Car Loans Canada:

  • Nothing to lose – no application fee
  • Bad credit is not a problem
  • No obligation to buy
  • Over 5000 cars to choose from
  • $0 money down
  • Next day approval
  • 93% approval rate in most of Canada
  • Not only in Canada but the lower 50 states


There are just three requirements to get approval for a new car with these marketplaces:

  • Monthly income of $1800
  • Need to be insurable
  • Must have valid license

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First do some research to make certainly this is what you need. Then pick one and go to their website to fill out a short application or call their number from their website to apply right there for a car loan and get an answer back quickly. They approve almost everyone:

  • Bad credit
  • No credit
  • Poor credit

No matter what part of Canada or the United States you live in, this is the place that you need to be. In most states it is the fastest car financing approval process. They will approve:

  • Bad credit
  • No credit
  • Bankruptcy
  • Consumer proposal
  • Approval in 24 hours
  • Zero money down on any car
  • Loans ranging from $5000 to $45000
  • Cars, trucks, SUV or minivan
  • No obligation after approval
  • Get car when you want

This service is all free for you. Don’t sign or pay anything until you drive your new car. Apply right now and get approval for your application by tomorrow. After you apply one of the reps will call to confirm information. Then there is a credit check to see your approximate interest rate. This is when you decide if you want to proceed. If you decide yes, they will help to find the best deal for you and then you can pick up your car.



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